[TEK-092] Fade In Miu Nakamura

[TEK-092] Fade In Miu Nakamura

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ID Code: TEK-092

Category: 1080p HD JAV




The first thing that makes me a little unhappy is that MUTEKI has not released a proper cover. And DMM not releasing any images. OK.

Secondly, “this an ex-gravure gone-bad doing porn now” kind of JAV. But for those of us that didn’t know who Miu Nakamura was in her previous life, before this JAV debut, this movie automatically loses in value. Japanese fans who knew Miu Nakamura will enjoy this much more. The slow pace, the little details, the getting naked for the first time, the first sucking a dick, the “humiliation” etc…

MUTEKI studio specializes in celebrity debuts or gravure idol debuts, so this is what it is.

Now for my verdict: I am surprised by how great of a body Miu Nakamura still has. Great slim body for 26-year-old, and we must consider that this girl is married. And has a kid, if I remember well. However, this release comes several years later. And certainly, because this Japanese celebrity needs some cash-flow :). But this decent release opens the door to doing more stuff in the future.

You can check my other post in which i talk about TEK-92 here.


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