[STAR-888] It’s All Because Of You An AV Debut – Suzu Honjo

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ID Code: STAR-888

Release Date: 2018-05-24

Category: JAV



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STAR-888 is Suzu Honjo JAV debut. SOD create studio issued a challenge in which they would make this girl debut if she reached 10K pre-sale copies. She did reach that number so she had to debut.

That’s the story, at least. We don’t know if it’s a mere marketing stunt or what but Suzu debuted with much huge success, to the point that STAR-888 is one of the most relevant releases of 2018.

This STAR-888 has at least 4 other versions. STAR-888s, STAR-888ss, and a Blu-ray version. Yes, that many!.

More importantly, Suzu Honjo is going to stay in the industry and she will appear soon in STAR-933, which is scheduled to release this month.

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